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AI Lip Sync: Bring Text to Life

Dive into our Latest Case Study: Find Out How to combine various AI tools to create a product for generating videos with celebrities saying custom messages.


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The client is an Estonian Synthetic Media company that was looking for a reliable tech partner to perform complex AI work to bring open source projects to a bigger audience by building a simplified web app.


Integrating three neural networks into a single automated workflow presented multiple challenges. There was a need to perform additional calculations and data transformations between each network, while also ensuring robustness and scalability. Moreover, one of the tools was restricted to Windows, and the entire calculation process was time-consuming.


Integrating Neural Networks;


Data Transformation Optimization;


Windows Tool Adaptation.


To address these issues, we separated the system into two distinct components: a dedicated worker for Windows and a lightweight backend compatible with any OS. Leveraging a task queue, we ensured reliable task delivery and effective load balancing. By adopting an event-driven approach, we streamlined the flow, achieving seamless integration between any number of workers and the backend, enhancing the system's overall extensibility.


Component Separation;


Task Queue Implementation;


Event-Driven Workflow.

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