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Meister: SaaS system for the construction industry

Meet a new case study - developing a modular product for the construction industry using a combination of microservices and microfrontends.


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About the project

The client is a German mid-sized company that was looking to adopt new technologies and improve the efficiency of its solutions for the construction field. The idea was to create a SaaS product that could be used to streamline internal processes and potentially be sold to others. The main task for the ProtoQ team was to launch the first service in six months.


The client tried to do a similar solution in the past with another development partner, but they got a product that was impossible to maintain and scale. The issue was also the lack of automation and synergy between existing products in their industry. That is why they were looking for a dedicated development team that would be able to create modular solutions with sufficient flexibility and scalability.


Reach the functionality fast enough for a sustainable core user base;


Make the system modular so each module can be sold as a separate product;


Implement a loosely-coupled architecture for the whole system.


ProtoQ staffed a dedicated team of two senior NodeJS developers, two senior Full-Stack developers, one senior Angular Developer, and one senior UI/UX designer. The solution we implemented involved developing a set of loosely-coupled services, including a CRM, a resource management application, a document management system, a tasks management tool, and others. These services were designed to be modular and could potentially be sold as standalone products. To provide a more complete and seamless experience for the users, we combined and integrated them.


Introduced an Agile development approach and built a dedicated team per the client's needs;


Made the system scalable and maintainable by implementing a loose-coupled architecture using a combination of microservices and micro frontends;


Applied Elasticsearch and message-based communication between services to create a flexible system;


Utilized unit testing and e2e testing with Cypress to reduce the number of regressions and increase the solution stability.

Meister dashboard
Meister dashboard
Meister dashboard
Meister dashboard

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