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Software Development Services for Startups

Get your product to market quickly with a dedicated software development team. Let ProtoQ take care of everything concerning the software development process. At the same time, you stay committed to the core part of your business. Scale fast. Develop a few features in parallel.

Custom Startup Software Development at ProtoQ

Every startup software development company is different. But they all need professionals to tailor software solutions precisely to their needs. And our services accumulate years of custom software developments for startups. ProtoQ can get your business off the ground with a 2-week start. Senior lever specialists and a completely transparent process come as a bonus. Hire a dedicated development team with expertise in the specific needs of your domain. Collaboration with ProtoQ helps you achieve the project development goals. How? By staffing the hand-picked engineers in a short period. Looking for a reliable tech partner to migrate your application to a newer tech stack? Or find a team that will translate your idea into a software solution? Rely on us.

Benefits of software development services for startups


Affordable Development for Startups

Hiring a software development company can be cost-effective for startups. They can avoid the high costs of recruiting, training, and maintaining an in-house development team.


Pro Developers for Top-Notch Startups

Software development companies have experienced developers. They work on various projects. And can provide valuable insights and advice to help startups create high-quality products.


Time-Saving Development Outsourcing

Startups can save time by outsourcing needs to a professional engineering team. This allows companies to focus on essential tasks like marketing and customer acquisition. Then, if required, develop a few features in parallel.


Services that Grow with Your Startup

Software development services can provide the flexibility and scalability startups need while growing. The development team can adapt to changing requirements. And add resources as required to meet the startup's evolving needs.


Thorough Testing for Stellar Startups

Professional services provide rigorous testing and quality assurance. They do it to ensure the final product is high quality and meets the startup's requirements. This can help startups avoid costly errors and delays. Moreover, this eliminates downtimes for high-loaded solutions.

Our software development services for startups

Time pressure and lack of resources will be resolved by partnering with a custom software development company. We understand the challenges that entrepreneurs and startups face. Our flexible engagement models help our clients speed up time to market. We also help deliver stellar MVP solutions fast and on budget. Partner with us to develop new product features, and maintain their applications. At ProtoQ we help companies cover talent gaps for a wide range of services and domains. You get mature developers by hiring a dedicated software development team from ProtoQ. They are experienced in web and app development, consulting, and UI/UX design services. So let's see if you choose us in the pool of software development companies for startups, and let's explore our major services.


ProtoQ experts will evaluate your requirements. For example, we will determine the specialists and team size needed for your project. Our team can also recommend an outsourcing model that aligns with your growth plan.

Web Development:

Our experienced engineers are skilled in various technologies. Among them are Node.js, React, Angular, Java, Python, and .Net. We offer tailored web development solutions for any industry, from finance to e-commerce. We can develop Web3 implementations for retail companies. Or educational solutions for language schools.

Mobile development:

ProtoQ's mobile developers augment your onsite tech workforce. We do so to help you create mobile applications from scratch. Already have a mobile app? Let us improve the existing one for both iOS and Android platforms.


At ProtoQ we believe in the importance of visual communication. That is why we provide you with dedicated design teams to help improve visual context. And ensure your solution stands out from the competition and attracts users.

How we build software for startups: Stages of development


We identify a software development project's requirements, goals, and objectives. Do you need to update your existing solution? Or look for MVP startup software development? Our experts help you gather all business and technical specifications.


We create a detailed plan and blueprint for the SD project during the design phase. This includes how it will function, its features, and its implementation. In addition, we plan the software's architecture and structure to ensure successful development.


The development phase involves coding the software. First, we base it on the blueprint created in the design phase. Then, our experts tailor the features and functionality described in the plan.


We perform manual and automated QA tests. This is how we ensure the software meets the specifications outlined in the design phase. At this phase, we check software functions to identify any issues that must be resolved before the software is deployed.


Once the software has passed all necessary tests and is ready to be released, we deploy it to the production environment. During this phase, we ensure that the software is installed correctly, configured, and available for users to access.


Our team continues to support the software once it has been deployed in the maintenance phase. This includes fixing bugs, addressing user issues, and updating the software. Doing it helps us to keep up with changing business requirements or technology updates. We ensure that the software remains in excellent condition even after deployment.

Our domain expertise

Construction Software

Construction companies trusted us with building industry-specific software applications based on business demands. Our engineers created accounting, scheduling, and project management. They excel at CRM and ERP, and other construction projects.

Financial Software

We help companies spend less time organizing data and, instead, spend this time on making the right decisions for their business. ProtoQ supplies custom financial software development to fit your business and budget requirements. We put in place leading-edge technologies. Our developers are experienced in building FinTech solutions. Among them are banking, insurance, healthcare, supply chain, and other domains.

IoT applications

We connect mobile phones, sensors, and devices to IoT hardware. And we build great IoT apps. We help transform data into valuable information affecting business growth using these integrations.

Banking Software

We help banking institutions develop cutting-edge solutions to streamline their financial and operational workflows. Our outsourcing engineers have experience working with core banking systems, mobile apps, loan servicing, and other projects.


Quick start

By hiring a dedicated development team at ProtoQ, you avoid a lengthy hiring process, as we have a large talent pool and are ready to staff them in two weeks.

Guarantee quality

70% of ProtoQ's outsourcing engineers are of a senior level. Each specialist undergoes a personal interview with the client to ensure smooth integration with an internal team.

Direct communication

We staff dedicated experts exclusively for your project, allowing you to communicate directly with the outsourced specialists anytime.

Full transparency

ProtoQ guarantees you support throughout our cooperation. From the beginning, we keep our finger on the pulse and are involved in all stages of the development process.
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Frequently asked questions

How to speed up software development?

There is a list of tips you can use to accelerate your engineering process:

  • Create prototypes and proofs-of-concept before starting to work on a real project.

  • Use a lean and agile methodology.

  • Don't reinvent the wheel – use existing tools and APIs where they are applicable.

  • Keep your codebase small and focused.

  • Use automated testing to ensure quality.

  • Keep synchronized code and documentation.

How much do our software development services for startups cost?

If you google software development startup costs, you can see that the prices vary drastically. As an SD company, we understand that the cost of our services for startups can be influenced by factors such as the project's complexity, team size, technology stack, and location. We offer different pricing models, including a fixed price for a specific project, hourly rates, or a monthly retainer fee. We encourage startups to consult with us to discuss their particular requirements and receive tailored quotes based on their project needs. Schedule a call for a short talk.

What is startup software development?

Software development for startups is a way of helping young companies translate their innovative ideas into market-ready software products. Basically, if you have an idea, explain it to us. Then we find a dedicated team who can code your ideas into life, and you get a whole software solution as your product. Choosing a software development startup path is challenging, and we can complete it together. Many startups outsource software development to third-party companies to reduce costs and benefit from the expertise of experienced software developers. You don't have to do it all alone. Just do it smartly.

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