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We help companies save development budgets and recruiting time by providing Angular developers on a full-time basis. Our hand-picked engineers have at least three years of experience, pass our coding test, and confirm their English level.


Hire dedicated Angular developers to scale your business cost-effectively. We provide engineers to tech companies who cover their needs and ensure growth aims. Our experts are ready to join your tech team within two weeks. ProtoQ's developers have solid finance, construction, banking, and smart house expertise. They're ready to create great, competitive apps aligned with your requirements.



Quicker product deployment


Reduced development costs


Ability to quickly scale up and down


Reduction of hiring time to three weeks


No developer training costs


An Angular developer's hourly rate ranges according to the project scale, the complexity of features, and the type of software. The location of engineers, the hard skills, and the experience of talents have also an impact. We offer to hire our remote Angular developers. It helps you decrease the monthly project development costs by 30-60% compared to the onsite team development, thanks to saving on the team hiring and training. Hence, you don't need to waste your time and resources on recruiting and management. Moreover, such a team is easily scalable in both directions, up and down.


Web applications

We create reliable and smooth solutions. Our apps cope with millions of daily visits and manage terabytes of data. ProtoQ’s tech talents have solid experience in Node.js, Angular, Kubernetes, and Elasticsearch.

Mobile applications

We use Angular for cross-platform web application development and combine it with NativeScript. ProtoQ's experts can also work with Angular and Ionic to create hybrid apps on iOS and Android.

Real-time applications

Our engineers create efficient real-time applications. Our apps can handle over 2 illion remote procedure calls (RPCs) per second. ProtoQ’s experts can help you evelop different collaboration solutions. We know how to build instant messaging, location-tracking, VoIP, real-time dashboards, and more.

Custom development

ProtoQ's talents can create custom software for clients or organizations. We develop applications with a unique set of features. Our developers can easily add new features or resources to a custom app along with your company's growth.

API integration & development

We develop scalable apps and help integrate third-party APIs in them. Such solutions power processes to keep data in sync. Apps we create also enhance productivity and increase revenue. APIs allow single sign-on (SSO) access to web and mobile apps.

Enterprise solutions

Our developers can build different enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, SCM). We build projects that can improve the flow of information. Solutions we design can also simplify the IT infrastructure and create standardized processes.


ProtoQ's engineers know how to eliminate data leakage risks and app instability. It helps them to migrate your app to a newer tech stack. We can migrate your existing app from React, Vue, or other frontend frameworks to Angular.

Maintenance & support

Our Angular developers create a turnkey app with all the necessary stages. There are analysis, user-centered design, development, testing, and deployment. We also provide maintenance services to ensure your product works effectively and smoothly.


The domain expertise of developers is essential for customers for several reasons. It helps build applications quicker, thanks to in-depth industry knowledge. Engineers have a better understanding of the best practices and regulations. Hence, companies can develop more reliable, secure, and compliant solutions. ProtoQ's specialists have the domain expertise in the following industries.


ProtoQ's experts develop solutions that help project managers and teams streamline their work. Our apps provide real-time data, track project progress, and improve employee communication. It also assists construction companies in working cost-effectively and more efficiently.

Smart houses

We have solid expertise in app development for smart home device connection. Our developers create solutions that help manage smart appliances. These devices provide your customers with all the necessary convenience at home. ProtoQ's specialists ensure that your app matches your and your client’s expectations.


Our Angular developers create custom solutions to increase the company's efficiency. Our app can automate financial tasks, such as invoicing and expense tracking. This allows companies to save time and improve accuracy.


ProtoQ's experts build reliable and secure banking solutions to cut operating costs. Moreover, our domain expertise allows for creating design solutions with a simplified user experience.


CV & English level assessment

ProtoQ prepared a transparent hiring process for developers for our company that ensures we receive qualified and reliable specialists. After an initial screening, we hold a first call where we check candidates' knowledge of critical technologies and frameworks and an English level.

Code check

We check the candidate's previous experience and projects and review whether their open code is effective and reliable. If a candidate can't show an open code, our tech experts give a test task.

Technical interview & code challenge

At this stage, we interview with an online coding test that helps ensure that a candidate can solve issues and use the whole technology set. Developers should accomplish test tasks within an agreed deadline and explain their decision-making process for each assignment.

Soft skills check

ProtoQ's sure that hard skills are only half of all needed qualifications, so we need to check that potential employees can easily integrate into our client's teams. Hence, our company organizes in-person interviews with candidates where they must show their soft skills as proactive, tolerant, success-oriented, and responsible.

Offer stage

After all these checks on hard and soft skills and confirmation that a candidate fits our corporate culture and business needs, we make an offer for him. Then our new developer goes through onboarding and periodic qualification development classes. In addition, we're also improving our hiring process, making it even easier and faster.


Team Augmentation

If you're stuck in your project due to a lack of resources, we can help expand your in-house technical team with our experienced Angular developers. ProtoQ's experts help get your web or mobile application project back on track.

Dedicated Team

We offer to hire remote Angular developers for your project. Here you can define the entire team structure aligned with your business needs. For this, ProtoQ's experts choose candidates in line with your requirements.

Time & Material

ProtoQ's experts help implement your great idea or vision into a reliable application. We can create new or optimize your existing solution effectively, with strictly defined timelines and SLA criteria.

Fixed Price

Our Angular developers can assist you in creating quality web and mobile applications in line with your requirement, needs, and budget. You'll get hand-picked experts for your project with all the necessary tech experience and skills.


We seek Angular engineers with relevant and essential hard skills for web and native mobile development in a fast-paced environment. Our hand-picked specialists have a flexible mindset and passion for learning new technologies. They also have high-level proficiency in TypeScript and an understanding of core JavaScript. Besides, our Angular developers implement their other hard skills in the development process.

Familiarity with version control systems

Angular developers use different version control systems like Git to create applications safely and efficiently and track each workflow step. These tools also allow testing various new application features, which helps build robust and efficient solutions for your business.

Knowledge of RESTful API integration

ProtoQ's experts know that this type of integration is one of the most popular that helpstake advantage of the existing protocols. REST API has a few other significant benefits, such as flexibility, handling multiple types of calls, and much more.

Knowledge of continuous integration environments

Our Angular developers use continuous integration environments to smoothly integrate new changes and time-cutting experiences to implement new features, especially for high-load solutions. It provides a layer of transparency in the process of software development.

Familiarity with SPA (single-page apps) development

Our tech talents apply SPA in particular cases when the website requires a dynamic platform or there is a small volume of data. SPA provides a few main benefits, such as better user experience, the ability to work offline, high performance, faster page loading, and much more.


Quick start

By hiring Angular developers at ProtoQ, you can save time and money on a lengthy hiring process. They can start to work on your project within two weeks.

Quality services

We can ensure that 70% of our engineers are of a senior level. Each developer goes through a CV & English level assessment, code check, technical interview, code challenge, and soft skills check.


ProtoQ guarantees its clients complete support throughout the collaboration process in each development stage. Our delivery managers check that the workflow matches your needs, goals, and expectations.


Our Angular developers ensure that they create tech solutions compliant with the security standards. Primarily, it's essential for web and mobile apps in finance and banking.
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Frequently asked questions

What is the difference in hiring Angular developers from ProtoQ, in-house, and freelancers?

There are some essential differences between these options.

  • Time to hire: thanks to the well-established hiring process, ProtoQ recruiters can deliver the appropriate candidates within two weeks. The in-house hiring process takes longer because requires more verification steps. The recruitment process for freelancers can be quite fast too but there are much fewer guarantees of their quality.

  • Scale-up and scale-down limitations: with hiring from ProtoQ, you are much more flexible in changing the team size. This allows you to apply the lean approach to software development in action. In-house teams scale much more difficult. For freelancers, it’s also easy but the close-knit team is possible here only if you have a strong manager for this role.

  • Additional expenditures: get rid of payable vacations, treatments or so. With ProtoQ’s engineers, you pay only for working hours. For freelancers, this option is also possible but here, unexpected holidays may result in unmet deadlines. With ProtoQ, meeting the deadlines is the company’s responsibility.

How to hire Angular 6 developers from ProtoQ

When you choose ProtoQ, you get access to a talent pool of 200+ specialists. We recommend preparing your requirements and listing interview questions. You can hire dedicated Angular developers in three steps:

  1. Check the candidate’s GitHub portfolio. You can check their code on your own, or our tech team can review their projects;

  2. Test the candidate's hard skills. You can interview him to confirm his knowledge and skills in AngularJS;

  3. Conduct a coding test. You can ask your candidate to complete a small coding task to see how well he uses his knowledge and skills.

We provide you the ability to scale up and down in a short time, which can cut your project development costs.

What are the benefits of Angular for companies?

We can highlight the following benefits of using Angular in app development:

  • Improved speed and performance;

  • Exceptional material design library;

  • Simplified web application developments;

  • Effective cross-platform development.

Can engineers use AngularJS for mobile app development?

Yes, you can use AngularJS even for mobile app development on iOS and Android. This JavaScript-based web framework makes creating UI faster and easier. ProtoQ's engineers have solid experience in construction, smart houses, finance, and banking. We can even create with Angular a SaaS system for the construction industry.

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