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Quickly scale your business with IoT apps and receive more profits by hiring a dedicated team at ProtoQ. We'll deal with all technical parts of your solution and develop it in line with your specific goals and requirements.


ProtoQ engineers have solid experience in IoT app development in construction, smart houses, finance, and banking industries. Our solutions help you receive more insight into your products to create new business models, generate more revenue, and deliver improved customer experiences.


Our developers implement IoT sensors to track humidity, pressure, temperature, and concrete. They also ensure optimal storage environments for sensitive equipment.

Smart houses

ProtoQ engineers build IoT applications to manage smart appliances that provide your customers with a safe, efficient, and comfortable home experience.


We develop IoT solutions that save you time and money thanks to gathering and transferring data efficiently. It helps automate core processes.


We create solutions for IoT devices such as smartwatches, phones, and contactless cards. It helps to meet clients' expectations and offer a better customer experience.


We help companies to create reliable and secure IoT mobile applications that allow them to grow and compete in the market. Our developers know IoT's maintenance and support requirements that involve competent-driven software development and a system runtime environment for supporting modular software construction.

IoT application



We provide IoT application development services to increase the safety of your manufacturing business. Our solutions can identify flaws in materials to reduce the risk of injury and waste.

Operational efficiency

ProtoQ experts take into account trends and forecasts in technologies. We create IoT apps that cut expenses by streamlining internal manufacturing processes.

Reliable data

Our engineers create IoT apps that generate and process essential data by connecting smart devices with sensors. Create such apps in healthcare, finance, construction, and other domains to make the best decisions.


We develop IoT apps that make life easier and more convenient at home for your customers. Our solutions connect smart appliances in a single system.


Analysis & ideation

We analyze your business requirements and the existing workflow. It helps to come up with ideas for an IoT solution in line with your needs.

User-centered design

Our team designs architecture prototypes that disclose the vision of a final product. It considers the user's requirements and objectives.


Then our full-stack engineers take care of integration and application development in IoT. We provide security solutions for your project using advanced technologies.


Our developers test the IoT app to remove bugs. Once we fix the solution, we will send it to you for a final review. Our team will deploy the app after your approval.


We help in the maintenance of the product to keep it running smoothly. We make sure that updates are introduced into the workflow on time.


ProtoQ builds a trusting business relationship with every company as we strongly believe it is essential to the success of both parties. Therefore, we ensure that our services are of high quality and meet the market and client requirements. Our team can help you create an application from scratch to achieve your goals.


Our outsourcing experts take a realistic look at your IoT adoption: feasibility, challenges, opportunities, and costs.


We think up and implement the architecture of your future project. Our designers check the application is intuitive for your clients.

Web development

Our developers create reliable IoT web solutions. They have solid experience in Cordova, JavaScript, Swift, Java, NodeJS, Angular, Kubernetes, and Elasticsearch.

Mobile development

ProtoQ’s engineers have expertise in construction, smart houses, finance, and banking for iOS IoT app development and IoT Android app development.


Quick start

You can save time on a lengthy hiring process. ProtoQ provides a dedicated team that can start iOS and Android app development for IoT within 2 weeks.

Quality services

70% of ProtoQ’s talents are of a senior level. Each developer has a well-tailored qualification process approving coding skills, expertise, and English level.


Our team shows you intermediate results after each stage of your project. We make sure that the development workflow meets your requirements and expectations.


Our company provides IoT mobile app development services with a high level of security. We care that your app works smoothly even after deployment.
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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost for IoT app development?

We understand that each company has particular aims, wishes, and requirements for AI projects. If you want to receive a basic IoT app, it includes must-have features such as device On/Off, Timer, Schedule, OTA update, etc. This solution can cost around $40,000 to $60,000. In another case, if you consider deploying a complicated app with complex integration such as industrial IoT, automation, tracking, andsensors, it will cost much more than $60,000.

There’re also a couple of other factors that affect the cost of IoT app development:

  • The number and level of developers in your dedicated team;

  • A type of industry. For example, an IoT app development for manufacturing or smart home automation would be around $50,000. Although developers can create a reliable solution for monitoring machines and systems, which would range from $30,000;

  • Time to market;

  • Maintenance costs that are necessary to achieve successful results for a long time.

How much time will it take to build an IoT Application?

We work on a dedicated team model as an IoT app development agency. Our team considers the size of your business, requirements, and needs. If you, as a startup, want to launch an MVP IoT app with essential features and standard UI, it takes around 12 weeks. Although if you aim to get the app with many module development, integration, and testing, the timeline increases.

We also take into account that the following things can influence the duration of the IoT app development:

  • General vision of the future product on the part of both the company and the development team;

  • The absence of significant changes in the project at all stages of its creation;

  • Quick feedback on the intermediate results of the product to make changes and move on to the next step.

What is the general process for IoT Application Development?

IoT app development involves consulting, analyzing, planning, designing, developing, testing, deploying, and maintaining an IoT app. A dedicated team (e.g., a few developers and one UI/UX designer) carefully works to provide an exceptional solution. An IoT app offers an incredible experience for users: various connected devices communicate with each other and perform together to simplify different processes.

We also want to share one life hack. Our team has calculated that the IoT app development will take a certain amount of time (e.g., six months). At the same time, you may take care of marketing and PR activities regarding a future product. Hence, you can make various announcements at the final stages of the project creation.

How is IoT used in apps?

IoT is a system of cross-connected, wireless devices with access to the Internet. Such elements collect, send, analyze, and act on data they receive from the environment. They can do these activities because of embedded sensors, processors, and communication hardware. Our developers create IoT apps in various industries, such as construction, smart houses, finance, and banking.

IoT solutions shape the future of mobile app development in the following ways:

  • Increased demand for connected devices;

  • More focus on security;

  • Greater emphasis on usability;

  • New opportunities for monetization;

  • Flexibility;

  • Cost-effectiveness;

  • Emerging innovative businesses;

  • Increased efficiency;

  • Improved customer experience;

  • Greater competitive advantage;

  • New revenue streams.

How to implement an IoT application?

The first step to implementing an IoT app is to create a detailed plan covering the following points. First, consider the functionality your IoT app must have. Second, list the directions to use your data. Third, analyze whether you need to process your data somehow before the usage. Once you reply to these questions, it will be easier to understand what app you are looking for and how to implement it in your processes smoothly.

The next step is to find an engineering team that can help. As an IoT app development company from Eastern Europe, we can implement IoT applications in line with your wishes, needs, and expectations. You’ll get a dedicated team of developers and designers to build a secure solution for your business.

We focus on developing Web (SaaS, ERP, CRM) and mobile applications. Our team can bring your idea to life from scratch. We persuade you that you'll also receive positive emotions from the delivery, understanding, and positive communication with our team members.

How to choose an IoT app development company?

Finding a reliable and experienced firm with expertise in a relevant industry and success cases is essential. Make a list of companies that could potentially create your application. We recommend comparing the following parameters:

  • Time to create a product;

  • The cost of project development and its further support;

  • The presence of successful cases in the required industry;

  • Time zone of a dedicated team;

  • Customer reviews of the company on various popular platforms. Perhaps someone from your friends has worked with them before.

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