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Boost your startup's revenue with software from ProtoQ. Our developers will create a reliable solution that aligns with your business needs. Get an application with all the necessary features that you require.


ProtoQ's talents help you scale your business cost-effectively. We create reliable and high-quality solutions. By hiring our full-time developers, you save on development budgets and recruitment time. We have solid finance, construction, banking, and smart house expertise. Our experts are ready to join your tech team within two weeks.



Quicker product deployment


Reduced development costs


Ability to quickly scale up and down


Reduction of hiring time to three weeks


No developer training costs



Meeting specific business needs

Our outsourcing developers create reliable and quality software aligned with your unique requirements and goals. You can gain a competitive advantage in the market and stand out from other companies by launching new features faster than competitors can do.


Increased efficiency

If you need to run a parallel team for experimenting with certain features, staffing a team with ProtoQ may become an excellent idea. Spend less time for staffing. Set as tough selection criteria as you see sufficient for the quality delivery and smooth integration with your team.


Smooth modernization

We understand that it's crucial for startups to have solutions that can handle overloads within peak times. Hence, our developers can help with the app modernization by not hitting the infrastructure logic. ProtoQ ensures a smooth and efficient modernization process to cope with highloads.


Competitive advantage

When your competitors develop fast, you must be quicker than them to maintain the advantage. This means you need to have the opportunity to upscale and downscale your development team quickly depending on your expectations. With ProtoQ it is easy and forecastable.


Let’s investigate the way we’re working with startups to deliver the best-quality solutions. We see this process as four pillars.


ProtoQ's talents offer professional consultation and guidance for software development. We help startups turn their initial app ideas into viable concepts. Our developers also provide expertise in UX design, technical feasibility, and market research.


We design solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our experts create a user interface, database, and architecture designs. These components help establish a brand identity and communicate the startup's mission effectively.


Our developers have solid experience in startup mobile app development. We smoothly integrate into the internal startup's team. ProtoQ can cooperate in two ways. In the first case, we develop a solution from scratch, being responsible for the entire dev process. Or we work on separate features simultaneously with the startup's core team to streamline the dev process.


ProtoQ's experts can support your existing solution. We provide devops support to tune the infrastructure. It enables smooth product updates without downtime. Our team also offers testing services for your existing solutions to reduce the number of bugs.


The domain expertise of developers is crucial for startups for several reasons. It ensures that the engineers deeply understand the industry and its requirements. Therefore, companies can build more secure, compliant, and reliable projects. ProtoQ's experts have domain expertise in the following directions.


We build apps that optimize the work of project managers and teams. Our developers create different solutions in construction. ProtoQ's experts know about limitations and legislation barriers in this industry. Hence, we can prevent your team from making apparent mistakes during development.

Smart houses

We’re experienced in the connectivity projects. If your startup works on the improvement of the smart house solutions, building the better software infrastructure for the existing hardware solutions, ProtoQ is here to help.


Our financial expertise expands on fintech startup solutions and internal tools. Being onboarded into the domain, ProtoQ’s experts can easily prototype different options to meet your business needs, with less costs and efforts required.


With faster speed of business processes, bank institutions are likely to invest into fintech startups or develop their own solutions to streamline their processes. ProtoQ can help with both approaches.


CV & English level assessment

ProtoQ has designed a clear and transparent recruitment process in our company. This approach guarantees that our clients receive qualified and reliable specialists. We conduct an initial screening and then schedule a first call to assess the candidates' familiarity with critical technologies and frameworks. ProtoQ also checks that the developers' English level is Intermediate and higher.

Code check

Our team assesses the candidate's previous experience and project history. We check the effectiveness and reliability of developers' open code. Our tech experts give a test task if a candidate can't show an open code.

Technical interview & code challenge

During this stage, we conduct an online coding test. We evaluate a candidate's problem-solving skills and proficiency in using various technologies. Upon finishing the test task, candidates explain their decision-making process for each assignment.

Soft skills check

We're sure that hard skills are only half of all needed qualifications. Hence, we also assess candidates’ soft skills. This process ensures that candidates can easily integrate into our clients' teams. Our company conducts in-person interviews with candidates. They must demonstrate qualities such as being proactive, tolerant, success-oriented, and responsible.

Offer stage

Once we have evaluated a candidate on all our criteria, we make an offer for him. Our new developer undergoes onboarding and participates in periodic qualification development classes. Additionally, we continuously work to enhance our hiring process.


Team Augmentation

ProtoQ can assist if you're facing resource shortages in your project. Our team of experienced developers helps augment your in-house technical team. We get your web or mobile application project back on track with our expertise.

Dedicated Team

We provide remote developers for your project. You can build your ideal team structure in line with your business needs. Our experts select candidates that match your specific requirements.

Time & Material

Our team can transform your innovative ideas and vision into a reliable app. ProtoQ's specialists can optimize your existing solution or create a new one. We ensure that our workflow meets strict timelines and SLA criteria.

Fixed Price

We provide you with skilled developers to create a high-quality web or mobile app. It meets your specific requirements, needs, and budget. Our team will carefully select the most suitable experts for your project. ProtoQ's experts have the necessary technological knowledge and skills.


Quick start

You can save time and money on a lengthy hiring process by hiring ProtoQ's engineers. They can start to work on your project within two weeks.

Quality services

At ProtoQ, we guarantee that 70% of our engineers are senior-level specialists. Each developer goes through a CV & English level assessment and a code check. They also should pass a technical interview, code challenge, and soft skills check.


ProtoQ assures its clients of comprehensive support at every development stage. Our delivery managers check that the workflow aligns with your goals and needs. We flag potential risks if any and suggest how to balance our approach to handling them.


Our developers build tech solutions compliant with security standards. Primarily, it's essential for web and mobile apps in finance and banking.
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Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take to build an app for a startup?

As a leading app development startup, we know it can take different times. You should review the following factors:

  • The complexity of the app;

  • The features and functionality required;

  • The platforms it will run on;

  • The tech stack used;

  • The size of the development team;

  • The development methodology.

Building a quality app can take several months or longer. The development process typically involves several stages. It includes ideation, design, development, testing, and deployment. The time required for each step can vary depending on the project.

How should I choose an app developer?

There are some criteria to keep in mind when choosing your app developer. You should consider your budget and review engineers' portfolios. You must also ask for references and check developers' app reviews on the App Store or Google Play. However, you can find the right specialists without these steps.

We have a great team of reliable outsourcing developers. They have domain expertise in construction, smart houses, banking, and finance.

We guarantee our developers' quality as they all passed these stages:

  • CV & English level assessment;

  • Code check;

  • Technical interview & code challenge;

  • Soft skills check.

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